What are the criteria for buying a house? - Le Figaro

What are the criteria for buying a house? - Le Figaro

The criterion of the location of your house

When looking for a house to buy, we first think of the location, the neighborhood, the immediate or wider environment of the municipality and its infrastructure.Many reasons and certain criteria are non-negotiable for buyers.Location in real estate is essential.Location as the first criterion is a rule in real estate, which has an obvious impact on the price.The price is not at the same level of 'from one city to another or even from one district or from one street to another.

The environment and the neighborhood

If the criterion of location is important, it is often because of the search for a pleasant living environment, within the budget of buyers.Proximity to public transport, convenient for travel between home and work , proximity to a reputable school or green spaces are very often sought after by buyers.School zoning, for example, which therefore depends on the location of the house, is a point that can lead to a sale being concluded or not ...Neighborhood life, shops, proximity to a market, neighborhood safety are all elements that have an impact on the decision to buy a house.

When we think of a house, we also think of its garden, its environment and its opposite: is it surrounded by buildings that spoil the view a little? Or, on the contrary, is it nestled in a privileged area offering an appreciated and sought-after green setting? Is the view clear or does it give directly to the neighbor opposite? These elements can be searched (or leaked) and have an impact on another search criterion: the price.

Posted Date: 2021-03-19

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